• Atlanta Code Camp 2014 Slides
    Thanks, everyone for attending my session today. We had a great discussion, and I hope you found it helpful. Here are the slides.
  • I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
    When’s the last time you admitted to being wrong? That’s the last time you learned something. And it was probably an important lesson. Much of what we stuff into our memories throughout our life is assumption. Other stuff applies at one time, but likely doesn’t apply now. Insisting we “know” something is usually just clinging to … Read more
  • “If You Don’t Transform, You’re Stuck”
    How have you transformed to adapt to the changing world? I had the fortune of hearing Xerox CEO Ursula Burns in an NPR interview this morning: “If You Don’t Transform, You’re Stuck.” Burns saved Xerox from failure and irrelevance by transforming the company. Not only is Xerox surviving, it’s thriving. Xerox is an example of what … Read more
  • Google+ and fear of failure
    I’ve only spent 5 minutes with it, so I can’t speak to how strong of a social networking offering Google+ is. But I can say: what impresses me most is that Google is publicly proving that they are not afraid of failure. How many attempts has “the Goog” made at social networking? Wave, Buzz and … Read more
  • Helplessness and Inaction
    The following was included in a tweet from Esther Derby (via Will Sansbury), and it struck me as poignant today. Thought I’d share what I found when I asked the goog: “Inaction stems from a state of helplessness. Helplessness enshrines the defensive routine in a place of permanence.” William R. Noonan –  Discussing the Undiscussable I have now … Read more