Helplessness and Inaction

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The following was included in a tweet from Esther Derby (via Will Sansbury), and it struck me as poignant today. Thought I’d share what I found when I asked the goog: “Inaction stems from a state of helplessness. Helplessness enshrines the defensive routine in a place of permanence.” William R. Noonan –  Discussing the Undiscussable I have now added this book to my reading list.

Craftsmanship Kerfluffle

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Have you been following the “Craftsmanship” kerfluffle? You should. Here’s a lot of what’s been said, for my own ease of sharing: Dan North’s original post, that stirred the hornet’s nest. Martin Fowler’s take (with links to many other responses) (review his links at the bottom, first). I don’t have anything useful (or even pithy) to add yet, but I will say I’m thrilled to see so much passion and (so far) level-headed debate, discussion and discovery going on.

Real Agile Genius Videos

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2 years ago, I made a video with the Dev team at VersionOne, to seed an “Agile Advert” contest for the 2008 Agile Conference. That video was… Mr Hit-and-Run Build Breaker The one that started it all [youtube=] It so well received, we eventually got around to making a follow-up. This time, we made one to coincide with VersionOne’s release of the Analytics (custom reporting) feature: Mr Metrics Drill Sergeant [youtube=] A few months ago, we finally made the ‘series … Continue reading “Real Agile Genius Videos”

Work More Effectively From Home

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If you’re like me, you don’t work from home that often. While I work mostly on my computer, I do collaborate a whole lot, so it’s not typical (I’m a software developer).  Or perhaps you’ve never done it.  However, there are days where I can’t go to the office, and it is advantageous to be able to be productive from home.  Here are a few lessons I’ve learned (mostly the hard way). Ahead of time: Equipment Prepare by getting a … Continue reading “Work More Effectively From Home”

Thoughts on C# Generic Constraints

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A teammate and I were musing about generic constraints the other day, comparing them to checked exceptions in Java.  So I found it amusing that Jeremy Miller came to the same point with Scott Allen yesterday: Question of the Day — What’s Worse?… generic constraints, or checked exceptions [in java]? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “break the chain” of constraints at some point, when the calling code ceases to care?  Since I don’t know of a pattern for … Continue reading “Thoughts on C# Generic Constraints”