Google+ and fear of failure

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I’ve only spent 5 minutes with it, so I can’t speak to how strong of a social networking offering Google+ is. But I can say: what impresses me most is that Google is publicly proving that they are not afraid of failure. How many attempts has “the Goog” made at social networking? Wave, Buzz and Orkut, at least. And those are the ones that were released publicly. Google Wave came and went pretty recently; they didn’t wait to try again. … Continue reading “Google+ and fear of failure”

Helplessness and Inaction

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The following was included in a tweet from Esther Derby (via Will Sansbury), and it struck me as poignant today. Thought I’d share what I found when I asked the goog: “Inaction stems from a state of helplessness. Helplessness enshrines the defensive routine in a place of permanence.” William R. Noonan –  Discussing the Undiscussable I have now added this book to my reading list.

Craftsmanship Kerfluffle

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Have you been following the “Craftsmanship” kerfluffle? You should. Here’s a lot of what’s been said, for my own ease of sharing: Dan North’s original post, that stirred the hornet’s nest. Martin Fowler’s take (with links to many other responses) (review his links at the bottom, first). I don’t have anything useful (or even pithy) to add yet, but I will say I’m thrilled to see so much passion and (so far) level-headed debate, discussion and discovery going on.